How To Create STUNNING Head Table Decorations

How To Create STUNNING Head Table Decorations

It’s time to talk about head table decorations!

Brides often times forget, or are at a loss, when it comes to knowing how to go about creating a head table.  Frequently they second guess themselves, anguish over “what goes together”, worry it might be too much, and so on.

It is hopeful that this article will give you helpful information and tips to ease your anxiety and help you create an out-of-this-world head table!


General Guidelines

  1. Make every effort to make sure every element is neat, clean, pressed, and neatly tied up in a bow.
  2. Create dimension and interest by using decorations of different heights, shapes, and sizes.
  3. Start with the tallest decoration and work your way down ---making make sure to repeat elements, or use elements that complement the other decorations.
  4. Consider selecting a number of “hues” from your color palette to create depth and interest. When everything is all “matchy matchy” it becomes one dimensional and boring.


Set The Tone With Your Table Covering

 Start with a simple, elegant tablecloth.

Begin with a simple, elegant tablecloth (linen or polyester) that is well pressed, and hangs 1” off the floor. Get this right and the rest is easy.  If your table covering is ill-fitting, wrinkled, and soiled – it won’t matter how gorgeous your table decorations are – they won’t shine.

Choosing a very simple, plain table covering will establish an elegant, but simple baseline for your table decorations, and will not be a distraction.


Choose Table Elements

When deciding on what elements to put on your head table, choose varying heights, shapes and sizes to add interest and balance.  For example:

  1. 48” high faux trees, with hanging crystals and votive candles
  2. 14”high floral centerpieces, with hanging crystals
  3. 3-1/2” high votive candles, random placement
  4. Wrapped guest gift at each place setting
  5. Chair covers or other decorations


Bringing Nature Indoors

A faux tree decorated with hanging crystals and bubble votive candle holders.

Faux trees are an easy way to decorate with nature without all the mess. They are usually available in a variety of colors and finishes, and are fully assembled and ready to place on the table.

When the trees arrive they will require shaping - spreading out the branches and making it look symmetrical. This can be done well ahead of the wedding making it one of the easiest decorations you can choose to use. Easy peasy!

A clear bubble candle holder with purple nuggets and votive candle.  Large diamond pendants and rhinestone embellishments hang from a silver wedding tree.

Most often, brides choose to add hanging crystals and/or hanging bubble votive candles from the tree branches to create a soft ambience and add a touch of elegance


Transform Your Wedding Bouquets Into Sensational Centerpieces

Transform your wedding bouquets into sensational decorations for your wedding head table.

Anytime you can get more for your money - it's a great day! Let's have those bridal (and bridal party) bouquets do double duty and s-t-r-e-t-c-h your decorating budget!

After the ceremony, have a designated helper (or your decorator) gather up the bouquets as the bride,  groom, and bridal party are departing, and quickly whisk them off to the reception venue where vases and crystal arch decor are ready and holding fresh water to keep those bouquets looking as fabulous as the moment they were created.

This head table centerpiece re-uses bridal bouquets for a cost effective decoration.

I-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y you will have gorgeous reception centerpieces for your wedding head table.


Use Votive Candles To Create a Romantic Ambience

Votive candle holders are a perfect decoration on your  head table.

Placing votive candles randomly around the table, or by each place setting, will create additional ambience and romance.

 Pre-lit candles will make it easy for venue staff to light a large number of votives in a short amount of time.  Keeping wicks short makes it easier for catering employees to light the candles much quicker.

TIP  Days before the wedding, trim the wick of each candle to 1/4” and light it. Let it burn for 5 minutes and then extinguish. DO NOT MOVE candles until the liquid wax has hardened.

When the candle is pre-lit, it will be much easier and quicker for the catering staff to light all those candles. You might get a hug for doing this!


Your Guest Gifts

Make your thank you gifts part of your decorating plan. They can be placed at each place setting and can be decorated with a variety of materials – satin ribbons, jeweled brooches, and more.

 Plan your thank you gifts as a head table decoration.

A guest gift wrapped with satin ribbons and bows sitting on a side plate.

TIP  If your table is crowded, the side plate is an ideal place because it is already taking up space. I think it is the perfect spot.


Sitting Pretty

Decorate your head table chairs with floral accents.

If you are lucky to have gorgeous chairs provided by the venue, all you need to do is add a small floral arrangement on the bride and groom’s chairs.  No need to do them all.

 Stunning swag spandex chair cover with ruching.

TIP  If you decide your chairs need a cover, consider a spandex cover that wraps tighter to the chair which allows your guests to move more freely, and less likely to catch a shoe in the excess fabric of a standard cover. I guarantee your guests will be appreciate your thoughtfulness.



This blog is dedicated to my son and his wife. It was a joy to create the head table decorations featured in this article. Of course, as stunning as the decorations were -- it was impossible to top the beauty of the bride & groom!  It was a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l  day!

 Crystal I DO Bridal Arch


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