How To Decorate Your Wedding With Rhinestone Brooches

How To Decorate Your Wedding With Rhinestone Brooches

There is a phrase, “It’s All About The Details”.  Whoever coined this phrase may have had rhinestone brooches and weddings in mind. Wedding cakes, candles, bouquets --- they are all beautiful on their own merit. But if you incorporate even a single brooch, you will elevate their beauty and interest to a new level of sophistication and elegance.

Think Outside The Box

Think outside the box – be creative when using rhinestone brooches to decorate your wedding.

There is no limit to what you can add bling using rhinestone brooches. Below are a few examples, but don't be limited by this list. Think outside the box!

  1. Wedding Cakes
  2. Candles
  3. Bridal Bouquets
  4. Reception Place Settings
  5. Gift Wrap Accents
  6. Wedding Attire


Most often you will need to remove the "pin" on the backside of the brooch so you have a flat surface. Use a needle nose pliers to CAREFULLY twist each end until it loosens. Go slow to make sure you don't bend the brooch.

Remove the pin from the back with a needle nose pliers

Corsage pins are also an excellent way to attach a brooch directly to a candle. You will need to shorten them with a wire cutter. If you don't, the long pins could crack the candle when inserted all the way in.

Shorten corsage pins with a wire cutter.


The type of "adhesive" will depend on what you are decorating. When you are adding brooches to anything edible (cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc) - you must use edible adhesive (icing).

Buttercream icing is an "edible" adhesive.

All non-edible objects can be affixed using a glue that DRIES CLEAR. Three recommended glues are 1) CLEAR Gorillla, 2) Aleene's Tacky Glue, or 3) E6000 (best for adhering to glass).

Use a glue that dries clear for all non-edible objects.


Wedding & Specialty Cakes

Brides and cake vendors have put their heads together and have brilliantly come up with fabulous ways to decorate cakes with rhinestone brooches. Cakes can be accented with one singular brooch, or a repetition design.

Whatever design you choose, brooches will create that extra level of elegance and sophistication.

A wedding cake decorated with pearl brooches and bows.  

Using clear rhinestone brooches purple ribbons and bows to decorate a wedding cake.  

A small wedding cake decorated with a clear rhinestone brooch and green ribbons.



There is no better way to create romance than with flickering candlelight.  And there is no limit to what you can do to elevate your wedding candle decorations from ordinary to amazing.

  1. Adhere brooches to glass holders.
  2. Attach them directly to a pillar candle for a stunning accent.
  3. Wrap a cylinder vase with a stretchy banding and attach your favorite brooch.

Tall stem candle holders are decorated with black and silver rhinestone brooches.  

A butterfly shaped brooch is attached to a pillar candle creating a stunning effect.  

Tall clear cylinder candle holders are decorated with pearl brooches.

TIP!! Budget Stretcher

Go to the dollar store and get some clear glass taper holders. Add a brooch and you have an elegant candle holder for very little expense.

Blue rhinestone brooches create a stunning look on candle holders purchased from the Dollar Store.


Bridal Bouquets

Adding sparkle to your bridal bouquet is easy. You can use a single brooch to accent the handle, or you can add them directly to your flowers.

Rhinestone brooches are used to decorate the handle of a bridal bouquet.

A bridal bouquet is created using rhinestone brooches of many shapes and styles.   

A clear rhinestone brooch is used to decorate the handle of a bridal bouquet.


Reception Place Settings

Another budget stretcher! Using brooches to decorate your guest tables and place settings not only  brings beauty up-close-and-personal (to your guests), but it also gives you the opportunity to use them as favors – encouraging your guests to take them home with them after the wedding.

TIP!! Budget Stretcher

If you choose to use them as napkin rings, do not remove the pin on the back of the brooch, but rather use it to attach to the napkin. In doing so, the brooch remains functional as a gift.

Brooches are used to create a beautiful table place setting. 

Rhinestone brooches are used to create table numbers and napkin rings.  


Wedding Attire

There is something very eye-catching when the entire bridal party is adorned in the same thing. The repetition of something beautiful creates a special drama ---and they add so much to your wedding photos!  Choose one application – shoes, hair, dresses, or bouquets.  Don’t overdo it!  

Brooches can be used to accent shoes for your wedding party.	 

A clear rhinestone brooch is used to accent a bridal gown.  


Gift Wrap

“Too Pretty To Open”  is what you will hear when you accent your bridal gifts with rhinestone brooches. You can use large or small, all the same, or each one different. If you don’t remove the pin, but rather attach the brooch to ribbon, it can then be used as a pin for years to come.

Wedding gifts are decorated with a variety of rhinestone brooches and pins.


Ideas & Inspiration - How Buyers Decorate With Brooches

Aquamarine brooches are placed on a pillar candle and a wedding escort card.

Blue rhinestone brooches are used to decorate candle holders and a wedding cake.

Black and silver brooches are used to accent candle holders and a wedding guest book.

Large rhinestone brooches are used as chair décor to create a gorgeous wedding aisle.

Clear rhinestone brooches accent a wedding cake.

Pink rhinestone brooches are used to create a stunning reception centerpiece.

Pink rhinestone brooches are attached to flip flops and silk flowers to create a romantic feel.

Clear rhinestone brooches are attached to reception table numbers and wedding footwear.

A flower girl basket and matching ring bearer pillow are decorated with clear rhinestone brooches.

Pearl brooches are used to create a beautiful vintage theme.

Pink rhinestone brooches decorate a wedding cake and a bouquet of silk blooms.


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